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Why is avocado considered a superfood?
Why is avocado considered a superfood?

Why is avocado considered a superfood? Why is it a must in most healthy food? We have answers for you!

Avocado is high in protein and low in sugar. It is also packed with fiber and easy to digest, so it’s good for the excretory system. What’s more, avocado is full of beneficial fatty acids, helping you shed pounds and get rid of unhealthy fats. Vitamin C in avocado helps fight colds and its antioxidants can protect cells in your body against damage caused by free radicals. This superfood is also good for eyesight, hair, and nails. Let’s explore healthy and tasty options made with avocado by eatfit by Gourmet Primo.

Caesar salad rolled sandwich with chicken and avocado

Cereal salad with strawberry yogurt dressing

Easy to drink and healthy avocado fresh milk smoothie with honey.


Every dish is super tasty since it is created by our experienced chefs with nutritional value and calories calculated by nutritionists. We are certified with GMP, HACCP, and HALAL to ensure safety and hygiene.  

Eat fit, stay healthy with eatfit by Gourmet Primo. Tasty and healthy food for health-conscious people.

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