Birthday discount when order minimum of 500 baht and get 100 baht discount, just show a proof of your birth date and month.
Great Quality, High Standards
Great Quality, High Standards

We’ve got you covered.??Guaranteed to be hygienic and safe to eat, every box of eatfit by Gourmet Primo adheres to international standards with accreditation from GMP and HACCP. Every box is made fresh every day with a nutritional label that contains information about nutrients and calories calculated by nutritionists. Our deliciously healthy food is delivered directly to health-conscious consumers by a delivery system that meets the cleanliness standards of eatfit by Gourmet Primo. You can rest assured that our healthy food has quality and good flavor in every bite.


Eat fit, Stay Healthy with eatfit by Gourmet Primo. Healthy Food for Healthy People.

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