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Hygienic from the Source, Safer for You
Hygienic from the Source, Safer for You

We care for each and every step of our food preparation from the very beginning, to serve all our customers with delicious and hygienic food.

Keep Hygienic, Be Healthy with “eatfit by Gourmet Primo”, Gourmet Primo Shop, and “skydeli by Gourmet Primo.” In this New Normal era, what’s at stake is not only the taste but also food hygiene and safety throughout the process. Our meals are prepared and delivered with Gourmet Primo standard, in affiliation with Bangkok Air Catering, supplier of food and bakeries for both domestic and international airline lounges, hospitals, hotels, as well as many leading restaurants. The preparation process is guaranteed by international standards, ensuring food quality, cleanliness and safety.

✨ We carefully source only the finest ingredients from reliable sources to ensure food quality and safety from the very beginning. 

✨ All menus are prepared daily by skilled chefs to ensure freshness.
✨ All food items are produced in the Gourmet Primo kitchen, certified by GMP, HACCP, and Halal, which are all high quality, internationally-accepted standards.
✨ Delivery service brings food from our kitchen straight to customers with standardized transportation system that meets the cleanliness standards of Gourmet Primo


Quality-conscious and modern consumers can trust Bangkok Air Catering’s food products, that every bite is about quality, hygiene and safety.

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