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Overweight no more!
Overweight no more!

Your ideal body is not made in one day! eatfit by Gourmet Primo has tips to help stabilize the number on your scale and they are easy to follow. All you need is a little change in habits and a determination to create a perfect weight loss plan for a perfect shape for good.

Created by highly-experienced chefs, every dish by eatfit by Gourmet Primo is both tasty and healthy. Our nutritionists have calculated the nutritional value and calories of each dish certified by GMP, HACCP, and HALAL to ensure hygiene and safety for all customers.

Eat fit, Stay healthy with eatfit by Gourmet Primo. Tasty and healthy food for all.


1.1 Exercise is a crucial part in keeping your weight stable and improving your metabolism. We highly recommend that you work out regularly for 20-30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week, by doing activities such as rope skipping, running, aerobic dancing, cycling etc. Exercise increases the heart rate, strengthens the lungs, and improves blood circulation. And don’t forget to enhance the maintenance of muscle mass with chicken breast smoothies by eatfit by Gourmet Primo. There are four flavors for you to choose from, including peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry yogurt, and matcha. Our chicken breast smoothies are easy to drink, low fat, and packed with proteins!


1.2 Enough rest of 6-8 hours a day can help regulate blood sugar levels and the accumulation of fats in the body, resulting in effective weight loss. Good sleep can also help release hormones to repair damaged tissues while controlling calorie burning. Those with sleep problems are recommended to have salmon for dinner due to its nutrients which help boost serotonin for faster, deeper sleep. Salmon is featured in many healthy dishes by eatfit by Gourmet Primo such as whole wheat spaghetti with salmon and miso sauce. This dish is as healthy as it is flavorful.


1.3 Drinking sweet drinks increases calorie intake by at least 100 calories. So, opt for water instead of sweet drinks and drink water half an hour before a meal to decrease appetite, making you eat less. But if you feel sluggish, just try refreshing cold-pressed juices by eatfit by Gourmet Primo. All of our five cold-pressed juices: beetroot, celery, apple and butterfly pea, carrot, and pineapple, are high in nutrients and vitamins from a variety of vegetables to make you feel refreshed every day.


1.4 Eat more low-calorie food but high in protein such as chicken breasts which are low in fat and easy to digest. Chicken breasts are perfect food for people who are trying to lose pounds. You should also control your carbohydrate intake and eat more food with good fats such as almonds, tofu, and soybeans. Cut your sodium consumption and eat more greens.

Healthy food by eatfit by Gourmet Primo is an answer to those trying to control their weight. Our food is MSG free and we use only low-sodium seasonings. The food is seasoned with brown sugar and uses only healthy oils such as olive or coconut oils. Brown rice which is slow to digest and gives you a long feeling of fullness is among our main ingredients of healthy and tasty dishes under the supervision of our highly-experienced chefs. The nutritional value and calories of each dish is calculated by nutritionists.

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