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eatfit Cold-Pressed Juice: The Power of Five
eatfit Cold-Pressed Juice: The Power of Five

Get back to work with your guards up high and in a healthy way with cold-pressed juice by eatfit.

Add vitamins to your body for recovery after a long holiday with eatfit’s five bottled cold-pressed juices that are packed with nutrients from vegetables and fruits. Pre-order these refreshingly healthy drinks that can help improve your immune system for daily healthy boost throughout a week.

✨Pineapple cold-pressed juice - Pineapple helps with digestive health, makes your skin glow, reduces constipation, helps fight cold, and enhances your immune system.

✨Beetroot cold-pressed juice - Beetroot helps with blood flow, aids in bile flow, and improves digestion.

✨Celery cold-pressed juice - Celery helps you relax, improves your sleep quality, and reduces joint pains as well as menstrual cramps.

✨Carrot cold-pressed juice - Carrot helps improve eyesight, reverse aging, reduce wrinkles, lower cholesterol levels.

Butterfly pea and apple cold-pressed juice - Butterfly pea and apple help stabilize blood sugar levels and boost the immune system. They are also high in antioxidants and have vitamins that can improve your skin.

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